Denture Resources in Swift Current

Pratt Denture Clinic wants to offer you the resources you need to stay informed and answer some questions you have. Read some of the frequently asked questions we receive about dentures and senior health in general, and their answers below.

Regardless of the type and amount of teeth (partial or complete), most dentures take up to 3 weeks to create. It may take up to 7 visits before you are ready to wear them home—during this time your dentures will be fitted, secured, adjusted, and other procedures done to them based on your individual needs.
Oftentimes, dentures need realigning after weight loss, natural bone absorption, shifting due to dry mouth, or sore spots. When or how often your dentures will need to be realigned depends on how quickly and drastically your gums change.
The first thing to do is gather all the pieces and put them in a plastic bag. Do not attempt to glue them together yourself. Bring the denture into our clinic and we will determine if they can be saved. If we are able to repair the denture, we can do so within a few days. If the denture is not repairable, we will fit you with an immediate denture and order a replacement denture for you.
One thing you can do to ensure you’re taking good care of your teeth and your overall health is to perform daily hygiene routines at the same time everyday in the same order so you don’t forget anything. As we age, we can be prone to nail fungus and infection. Keep a close eye on your nails and see your physician if you see any discoloration that lasts more than a few days, or experience any pain in or under the nail beds. Talk to our staff for more general health tips.
Medicare does not cover most dental care such as cleanings and dentures, but there are affordable dental care plans for seniors to save you money on your dental needs. If you don’t have a current dental insurance policy, you can contact Pratt Denture Clinic to find out which plans we work with so you can obtain coverage under one of those plans. We can direct you to the necessary resources for dental insurance.

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